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In today's news we look at NASA and CWRU teaming up on water purification technology, OU faculty inventions bringing in $10M, SSU announcing OARnet connection complete, high-tech tools helping students and the future of virtual reality in books...

Beyond all the food, family and football we enjoy on Thanksgiving Day, there is also the deep understanding of what this day truly means. It’s a time for gathering with loved ones and reflecting on everything we are fortunate to have in our lives.

And while having our most vital human needs met is obviously at the top of the “being thankful” list, there are many other things in our daily lives for which we can and should give thanks.

In today's news we look at the SC15 convention, new redevelopment districts connected by OARnet's Internet, a new STEM school in Columbus, the Delaware County District Library giving patrons a new way to check out the Internet and Annapolis technology being tested in Ohio...

In today's news we look at supercomputers getting their own software stack, Akron fast-tracking hundreds of technology jobs, Ohio State research teams completing technology programs, faster broadband for rural Ohio and Ohio high school teachers leading technology integration...

In today's news we look at the computer network in Austin, Ohio University having students graduate in three years, Kenda opening in Ohio, Indiana University digitzing their media library and Toyota investing $1 billion in artificial intelligence in US. 

In today's news we look at 17th Avenue being remaned after Annie and John Glenn, Ohio teen winning $400K Breakthrough Prize, massive supercomputer simulation modeling the universe, the human connection needed in the digital shift and the United Kingdom wanting full broadband coverage by 2020...


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