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April kicks off the electronic theses and dissertations (ETD) submission season. Submitting an ETD is one of the last requirements for many Ohio students before their Masters or Ph.D. graduation. It is at this point that the students begin to log on to the OhioLINK ETD Center, some sign up for a research ORCID identifier, and submit their ETD to be reviewed and published. While this sounds simple, there is a lot of work that goes into the submission and review process.

Recently, we visited the LRITA Tech Conference in Lima, Ohio to share what high performance computing modeling and simulation can offer manufacturers and engineers. As usual, the response was, "why aren't we using this program already?" Introducing people to our M&S and opening eyes is a pretty cool experience. Check out more about our trip to LRITA and what we were able to share with IT professionals from northwest Ohio. 


Job-hunting is daunting for everyone, but it can be especially burdensome for veterans transitioning to civilian life. Fortunately, Ohio’s academic libraries and institutions have made significant strides to make this process an easier one for military service members. This includes access to job-searching resources, continuing education materials and professional consulting services. Many university and local libraries have programs specifically tailored to veterans.

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"Botnets" are essentially weapons of Internet warfare: A horde of compromised computers used in larger network security attacks. And the scary thing is your computer could be compromised and you wouldn't even know it! But there are ways you can protect yourself from these attacks and prevent your computer from becoming just another "bot." 


I recently spent an afternoon tinkering around in the Ohio Supercomputer Center’s Interface Lab. What felt to me like a mind-opening trip to a video game playground is actually a hub of innovation and groundbreaking discovery for computer and medical scientists. This first of three installments details the Home Health project.

Karen Boyd, eStudent Services’ eTutoring Coordinator, has a passion for helping students reach the “aha” moment in learning. Before coming to eStudent Services, Karen worked in higher education as an adjunct faculty member at Central Ohio Technical College in communications. 

She received her Master of Social Sciences from Ohio University, her bachelor’s degree in communications from Capital University and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Leadership Studies from Ashland University.

The Ohio Supercomputer Center's AweSim engagement program and Emc2 teamed up recently for a three-day training workshop on a Virtual Fabrication Technology (VFT) application developed by Emc2 and run through AweSim’s “app store” on OSC systems. Find out what VFT is and how it helps both AweSim and Emc2 continue to help small- and medium-sized companies gain access to modeling and simulation/high performance computing tools. 


Our society craves the ability to get the newest, hottest product  immediately. To meet these demands, manufacturing is evolving to find ways to get products to market faster.

That's where modeling and simulation/HPC comes in, by beginning to play a role in “Supply Chain Solutions.” Check out the newest AweSim blog to see how that's happening. 

Each summer the Ohio Supercomputer Center hosts two programs that offer Ohio students a hands-on learning STEM experience.

The Summer Institute, which runs from June 12-24, is available to Ohio high school students entering their sophomore, junior or senior year. The students will work in small peer teams while using the supercomputers for practical applications including engineering problems, network forensics and computer game designs.


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