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In today's news we look at a new STEM school to open on the campus of Youngstown State University, three Ohio cases where students revealed test questions to others online, Internet outages revealing gaps in the US broadband insfrastructure, EBSCO companies acquiring companies in New Hampshire and New Jersey, and Petroleum Geo-Services now has one of the largest supercomputers in the oil and gas industry...

In today's news we look at Downtown Dayton receiving gigabit fiber, Ohio State professors teaming up with startups to promote technology, Honda announcing a new program to boost interest in manufacturing, STEM students using a driving simulator, and supercomputers giving universities a competitive edge...

In today's news we look at parents being concerned with student privacy issues on Common Core tests, testing drones for prison security being put on hold in Ohio, Ohio State University faculty members fighting for the rights to their work, Obama announcing $240 million for STEM education, and the leading library ebook distributor OverDrive being sold to Rakuten...

Ed.—In June 2014, OARnet and the State of Ohio announced an agreement to have OARnet provide the network backbone for the State and its various agencies. By moving to OARnet’s 100 Gigabit-per-second backbone, the State is able to streamline its services, while K-12, Higher Education and all other client sectors, including the state, will benefit from increased aggregate purchasing power.

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This Saturday, March 14, otherwise denoted as 3.14, the mathematically minded people of the world will celebrate Pi Day, in honor of the famously irrational number calculated by dividing the circumference of a circle by its diameter: 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971... (the digits never end or repeat in any known way).

In today's news we look at the FCC Chairman meeting with OSU students, Akron School Board approving $9.5 million for wirelss upgrades, new OSU Press director expanding digital publishing, a new STEM scholarship for students, and supercomputer-powered drones shut down rhino poaching...

In today's summary, read about Chattanooga and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga connecting to GENI, in partnership with US Ignite and the Enterprise Center; Central Michigan University cutting 10 percent of its subscriptions to academic journals and databases; EBSCO acquiring YBP Library Services; the top 6 predictions for HPC this year; an opinion on how supercomputing enables innovation; and an IBM initiative to teach big data and cloud technologies.

In today's news we look at the state of Ohio not taking the money from school districts for students whose parents let them skip standardized tests, a study done by Kent State University that links high smartphone use with low GPA, the new net neutrality rules that may help Europe take the lead in broadband, education technology funding jumping 55 percent in 2014, and a supercomputer that is on a pay-per-use basis...

The beanbag chairs, microwaves, walkstation – think a treadmill with a standing desk – and the companion bikestation added to the Kent State University Libraries this year may seem inconsequential to some.

But for students at Kent State, these extras make the space more comfortable, and, therefore, more enticing to use.

In today's new we look at Wright State Research Institute recieving $14 million for aerospace sensor work, FCC appoves tougher rules for Internet providers, STEM workplace no more diverse than 14 years ago, big energy using supercomputers, and how wearable technology devices fare amoung students...


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