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OETC is the premier P-20 state educational technology conference. 

We all know it’s not always the case that an event, a movie, even a meal lives up to the preceding hype. The Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) is one of the rare exceptions. According to its website, OETC is “the premier P-20 state educational technology conference,” and guess what? It actually is.

Public library patrons are representative of many walks of life: students, job seekers, bookworms and insert-hobby-here enthusiasts. It’s no secret that public library resources are available to anyone, not just students and researchers. But did you know the same is true for OhioLINK resources? While you may have heard about the many benefits of OhioLINK, or even experienced them first-hand as a college student, you may not know they are available to you just by being a resident of Ohio.

Small-to-medium-sized manufacturers (SME) are important. SMEs' roles are vital to the health and well-being of the U.S. economy. Did you know that SMEs employ more than twice the total number of workers of all large OEMs combined, and are also responsible for three-quarters of the total research and development output?

In today's news we look at honing HPC skills through blended learning, Cleveland State's and Ohio State's online-degree programs, 2016's best online education programs, OhioLINK's best of 2015 and a new supercomputer to predict the next catastrophic storms...

In today's news we look at five predictions of where supercomputing is going in 2016, generation Z taking over higher education, the effectiveness of ebooks for learning, digital life at the CES tech show and IoT needing fiber-optic broadband to succeed...

OhioLINK’s Favorite Library Event Ideas of 2015

Throughout 2015, OhioLINK’s 121 member libraries came up with fun and clever ways to engage with students, faculty, staff and researchers. And the result? Not only did everyone involved have a great time, but the libraries were able to share what they’re all about with their communities. Here is a list of some of our favorites from this year!

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“They had some pretty good guesses on the technology of 2015.”
Recommended by Krista McComb on Oct 21, 2015 - 4:34pm
“Two impressive grad students are working to make healthier athletes”
Recommended by Krista McComb on Oct 12, 2015 - 12:45pm
“The age of the card catalog library is over. Now you're more likely to see them as decorative furniture. ”
Recommended by Krista McComb on Oct 5, 2015 - 2:27pm
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