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The American Library Association (ALA) is not only the oldest but the largest library association in the world, dating back to 1876. So it stands to reason that attending the ALA’s annual conference is a must for those of us in the library industry because it brings every piece of what we do together in one location each year. Take a look at some of the takeways first-time attendee Erin Kilkenny experienced at this year's conference. 


Cataloging can be a very daunting task, especially if you’re relatively new to the game. Every vendor has different channels in which you need to maneuver through to finally get all your content in the right order in your catalog. At a recent Ohio Library Council Tech Services Retreat, OhioLINK’s Emily Flynn gave a presentation that shed some light on the quality of the vendor records we receive and how she best moves through cataloging.

OhioLINK has a great history of shared collections within our consortium of 120 Ohio academic libraries and the State Library of Ohio. And, like the rest of the academic library world, we are in the throes of the print-to-electronic book transition.

Collaboration, innovation and creative design are a few ways OhioLINK and member libraries inspire students, staff, faculty and researchers to develop new art, music and mechanical contraptions. Recently, an installation of musical stairs, an impressive example of collaboration, was on display at Otterbein University’s Courtright Memorial Library.

In order to contribute to our never-ending quest for a great user experience, I recently attended and presented at Designing for Digital, a conference specifically for those working on user experience issues in libraries. For me, this conference was not only an opportunity to present the work we’re doing at OhioLINK, but also a chance to learn from others engaged in similar efforts.

April kicks off the electronic theses and dissertations (ETD) submission season. Submitting an ETD is one of the last requirements for many Ohio students before their Masters or Ph.D. graduation. It is at this point that the students begin to log on to the OhioLINK ETD Center, some sign up for a research ORCID identifier, and submit their ETD to be reviewed and published. While this sounds simple, there is a lot of work that goes into the submission and review process.

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