Many who aren’t familiar with OARnet are blown away by what it does, and provides Ohioans, once they fully digest the full scope of the organization. Such was the case for Julie Hood.

Hood joined the OARnet team as its program coordinator in July 2017, she was drawn to the organization because she was interested in the challenge of working in an industry that was new to her.

Hood recently spoke with OARnet about her favorite parts of her job, a performance she gave with gold medalist and figure skating personality Scott Hamilton, how she enjoys spending her free time, and which famous person from history she would most want to have dinner with.


In recent years, both the public and private sectors have experienced major cybersecurity breaches. The results are staggering: lost money, lost jobs, and lost personal data. The unfortunate fact remains that the number of cyber criminals vastly outweighs the number of qualified cybersecurity professionals. Whether you are going to college for the first time or headed back to school, consider the following three reasons why a cybersecurity career could be right for you. 


Dana Rogers, business relationship manager for OARnet's higher education clients, has been forging lasting relationships with her clients for 20 years. While she has a vast knowledge of content management, web development and broadband services, she also holds many hidden talents. Check out Dana's Meet the Staff profile to learn a little bit about her background and what she does away from the OH-TECH building. 

Ohio's New CIOs art

A number of IT writers and experts have forecasted a high turnover industry-wide among CIOs and their staffs in 2014. ... Many of the same factors behind the corporate shake-ups also have increased the churn at the CIO desks of an unusually higher number of colleges and universities across Ohio. In 2014, we’ll see new faces at many of our member institutions, ...

OARnet 100G logo

It was just a year ago that OARnet officially lit its 100 Gigabit-per-second network backbone service. At the time OARnet's implementation was the first statewide lighting of a 100G service and was one of the first in the United States. The pace and acceleration of technology advancement is relentless, and in just one year 100G services are now commercially available. To put it in perspective, at the time OARnet lit the 100G service, it was still highly experimental.

OARnet 100G logo

This month, in addition to celebrating the holiday season, the OARnet staff will be marking a signal event in the history of the organization. A year ago, Gov. John Kasich visited our offices to recognize the lighting of Ohio’s statewide 100 Gigabit per second network. The announcement sealed his January State-of-the-State promise to deploy the ultra-fast network by the end of the year.