Denis Walsh

Interim Executive Director and Chief Relationship Officer

Denis Walsh possesses 35 years of experience in networking and telecommunications. In 2019 and early 2020 he servedĀ as the interim executive director of OARnet.

In his chief relationship officer role, he develops and markets OARnet services to higher education, K-12, research, government and healthcare communities. With a team of client service managers, Walsh ensures OARnet maintains its reputation as a quality provider and exceeds clients' expectations by serving as liaison between clients and technical teams.

Walsh managed all aspects of planning, developing and implementing the network for OARnet. He worked extensively with network engineers and advisory committees throughout the state involved with developing and deploying the optical fiber network, which is considered the nation's leading high-speed research network for K-12, higher education and economic development.

Before joining OARnet, Walsh spent more than ten years as regional vice president for government and education markets for Qwest Communications. He directed a 14-state region, providing voice, data, video and Internet solutions. Additionally, he led the implementation of the Kentucky Information Highway, State of Ohio Multi-Agency Communications System, Link Michigan, Tennessee Information Infrastructure and networks in Georgia and Indiana. Walsh also was closely involved in Qwest Communication's deployment of the Abilene Network, which is more commonly known as Internet2.

Prior to Qwest, Walsh worked for AT&T for several years and was responsible for State of Ohio, government sector.

Walsh earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Ohio University and a master's degree in public administration from The Ohio State University.

Client Services
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