The democratization of Computer Aided Engineering was a hot topic at the recent 2016 NAFEMS meeting in Seattle. And while many approaches to wider access to modeling and simulation are emerging, a clear path hasn't quite been decided upon yet. One thing that is clear is AweSim plans to be part of the solution, here's how: 


Recently, AweSim Director Alan Chalker had the opportunity to sit in on Desktop Engineering's roundtable discussion, "Supercomputing for the Rest of Us." The goal of the roundtable was to discuss the democratization of high performance computing modeling and simulation. It turned out to be an excellent platform to continue to spread the word about how the AweSim program is working to lower the perception and reality of exclusivity to this powerful tool, from which all manufacturers can benefit. 

Recently, we visited the LRITA Tech Conference in Lima, Ohio to share what high performance computing modeling and simulation can offer manufacturers and engineers. As usual, the response was, "why aren't we using this program already?" Introducing people to our M&S and opening eyes is a pretty cool experience. Check out more about our trip to LRITA and what we were able to share with IT professionals from northwest Ohio. 


The Ohio Supercomputer Center's AweSim engagement program and Emc2 teamed up recently for a three-day training workshop on a Virtual Fabrication Technology (VFT) application developed by Emc2 and run through AweSim’s “app store” on OSC systems. Find out what VFT is and how it helps both AweSim and Emc2 continue to help small- and medium-sized companies gain access to modeling and simulation/high performance computing tools. 


Our society craves the ability to get the newest, hottest product  immediately. To meet these demands, manufacturing is evolving to find ways to get products to market faster.

That's where modeling and simulation/HPC comes in, by beginning to play a role in “Supply Chain Solutions.” Check out the newest AweSim blog to see how that's happening. 

Innovation and change aren't always popular or embraced until it's either obvious or too late. High performance computing and the modeling and simulation it offers is an irreplaceable tool for those of us who experience the benefits each day. For those who don't see it, or haven't jumped on board yet, AweSim might just be the answer. 

In the Modeling and Simulation (M&S) journey at P&G over the past 15-plus years, we have recognized that a shift to M&S, away from large-scale physical tests, is really a cultural change. We know M&S provides tremendous benefits in some business areas, whether it be costs in development or manufacturing, time to market, or better product performance or quality. Yet we have seen this difficulty to get started time and time again across the various businesses and technologies we work in. 

So what are some of the lessons learned and approaches we’ve taken to ignite this activation energy? Here are three tips to get you started. 

A few weeks back I took the opportunity to write Jeff Crompton of AltaSim Technologies(link sends e-mail) to let him know how impressed I was by the recent article he wrote about the HeatSinkSim application. I was surprised to learn how comprehensive the model was, with regard to including conduction, convection and radiation effects. Jeff replied, “Thanks.

Small-to-medium-sized manufacturers (SME) are important. SMEs' roles are vital to the health and well-being of the U.S. economy. Did you know that SMEs employ more than twice the total number of workers of all large OEMs combined, and are also responsible for three-quarters of the total research and development output?