Are you an app developer? The answer may surprise you!

Executive Director, OSC
Ohio Supercomputer Center
Monday, February 15, 2016 - 9:45am (updated Monday, April 4, 2016 - 8:37pm)

A few weeks back I took the opportunity to write Jeff Crompton of AltaSim Technologies to let him know how impressed I was by the recent article he wrote about the HeatSinkSim application. I was surprised to learn how comprehensive the model was, with regard to including conduction, convection and radiation effects. Jeff replied, “Thanks. And that is only one of the reasons we need OSC. … Wouldn’t have been possible without the help of your team sifting through the HPC gobbledygook.”

That reply absolutely hit the nail on the head: Our goal at AweSim is to give a modeling and simulation expert all the tools they need to become app developers: both hardware (compute and storage) as well as software (solvers and interfaces).

But that brings up a big question: Who exactly is an app developer?

Well, it might be you!

Answer these questions:

  1.  Do you perform modeling and simulation of physical phenomena (for example, computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis, thermodynamics, chemical reactions, electromagnetic propagation, etc.)?
  2.  Do you share these results with other domain engineers on your team?
  3.  Do you create spreadsheets and reports for your colleagues from your simulations?
  4. Do you want your simulations to be more accurate? Do you want them to complete more quickly? Or both?
  5. Do your colleagues ask the same questions over and over again?


If you answered yes to these questions, you may be a good candidate to be an AweSim app developer! In fact, you may already be an app developer for your organization without realizing it. So, if these are your challenges, I hope AweSim is a great solution.


Modeling and simulation experts want to apply their expertise to a problem, but don’t want to deal with all the software, registration, licensing, web infrastructure and so on. AweSim takes care of all that.

Say you build cars, or planes or diapers, AweSim has commercial and open source software pre-configured for app use. You want to use Abaqus, Ansys or Comsol? They’re already installed on our system. You just need to bring a license.  Or, you want to use an open-source package like OpenFOAM or WARP3D? They’re ready for you to use on our system.

We want to give you the tools you need to take your expertise and build that into an app. Then, you can take that app and share it, sell it or give it to anyone you want who is on the platform.

Look at it this way: If it was 1980 and we had a small business and we needed enterprise computing, we’d hire a couple technicians, they would buy computers and software, learn all the complexities of the business workflow and write by hand a system to do our accounting. That business is gone now because we have business automation solutions like QuickBooks.

If you’re a business and you want to do modeling and simulation, it’s likely you’re still operating in 1980 mode: getting custom experts and software to develop a custom, in-house solution. We want to be QuickBooks in a sense; we want to be your destination for the whole ecosystem of solutions and service providers.

Our aspirations at AweSim boil down to two big goals: accessibility and scalability. Scalability means you can solve bigger problems, even ones that require a supercomputer. Accessibility means your apps are understandable and usable for non-supercomputer experts.

These are the solutions we offer to those of you who right now are secretly working as app developers.

So, if you answered “yes” to these questions, what’s the next step? It’s simple: Contact us. We’re ready to help you write powerful apps today. We’ll not only help you get started but we’ll make sure you’re supported from beginning to end.