Ohio Supercomputer Center


The emergence and spread of the new respiratory Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) was declared a Public Health Emergency in the United States on Jan. 31, 2020. The outbreak, now a pandemic, has catalyzed significant activity by federal, state and local governments; the healthcare community; residents across the country; and people around the world. This is not the first emerging infectious disease event that the world will face, nor will it be the last.

Ed. Note: In high performance computing lore, it is said that Apple Computer bought a Cray supercomputer in the late 1980s to help design the company’s next personal computer. When he learned of this, the founder of Cray replied that ironically he was designing his next supercomputer with an Apple computer. Today, computer engineers working for the AweSim initiative are using supercomputers to design all matter of products and processes.


Forrest Burney isn’t a SimApp salesman, or any kind of salesman actually, but he’d certainly make a good one. Burney is the Engineering Manager of Plastics at BWay Corporation, one of the largest manufacturers of packaging containers for industrial, commercial and retail markets in North America.

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Last week, the sixth annual International Industrial Supercomputing Workshop (IISW) visited the Cleveland Convention Center, which overlooks a picturesque Lake Erie landscape that includes the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Browns’ football stadium and the Great Lakes Science Center.