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I am a passionate advocate for empowering high-quality teachers. I believe that’s partly because I had a high-quality teacher who made a huge impact on my life. Helen Heller, my high school Latin teacher in Farmer, Ohio, believed in me and gave me a directive—backed by a cash gift—to go to college. I had lost my father that school year, and Mrs. Heller was just the kind of teacher I needed.

Articles featured for the final daily digest of the week include information on funding for a new innovation funding pool research project at Edison Welding Institute, Ohio's rural businesses, Ohio State and Brazil collaboration funding for researchers to build on existing partnerships, renewable energy in Ohio, robots developed for research, and the threat to science in the STEM field

Today's daily digest features a number of articles from a wide variety of sources. We have articles featuring new efforts by Oracle to strengthen research into big data along with research looking into productivity of manufacturing. There are also articles featuring NASA's new FY 2013 operating plan, Miami University's push for online learning, Florida State Colleges dropping remedial class requirements to open more doors to students, and information from the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on how to guide private student loan borrowers.

Today's Daily Digest, compiled and distributed by the OH-TECH Policy and Communications Team, includes news summaries on topics related to areas of consortium interest. Today's posts focus on growth of a Central Ohio community college, Columbus State, which also received funding for a career training program in conjunction with Cincinnati State. We also have articles featuring NASA's supercomputer focusing on climate conditions, information on faculty at Wright State University receiving tenure, a new Mitsubishi Training Center, technology revamping in area libraries, and the Ohio Third Frontier!

The first daily digest of this week features articles about the relationship between employers and community-college graduates, GM working to consolidate in order to save on energy consumption, suspension of specific federal tests in the 2013-14 school year for students taking mathematicsa nd English/language arts, an NIST award for manufacturing research, Ohio STEM job increase, and the University of Toledo's online education portfolio

The final Daily Digest of this week includes articles from a variety of sources about overcoming educational technology challenges in rural areas, the Massive Open Online Course industry, NASA research efforts with 3D printing, Ohio colleges and job training, reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, and rural southern Ohio school districts catering toward international students. We also have articles about further STEM efforts in universities and middle schools catered toward females along with an article about a new manufacturing center at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. 

The daily digest for today is an assortment of articles on the subjects of supercomputing, education, and shale energy. The articles feature the development of a faster and low-energy supercomputer, the shale industry booming Ohio's economy, the need for more well-rounded college graduates, California's college system seeking creative commons licenses, and the University of Wisconsin working to protect its researchers' published work. 

Daily Digest

The daily digest for this Wednesday features articles featuring issues regarding lack of braodband in school districts, manufacturing jobs and the skills gap in Northeast Ohio, female engineers, Ohio report card grades being linked to poverty, resourcing of school libraries to improve literacy rates, the debate over whether state funds should go toward online classes or not. We also have an article featuring graduates in Ohio, during the 2008 recession, and how they were able to find work despite the looming economy.


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