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Daily Digest

Today's Daily Digest features news stories on topics related to our consortium's current interests. This morning's articles revolve around an assortment of topics: the cost of higher education, the expansion of Massive Open Online Courses, college completion, cloud computing, gender disparities in manufacturing careers, and library technology! 

Daily Digest

Our first Daily Digest, compiled and distributed by the OH-TECH Policy and Communications Team, includes news summaries on topics related to areas of consortium interest. Today's posts focus on workforce development, supercomputing, expansion of the Dayton reserarch network, sequester strains on scientific research and more.

Chancellor Carey

As the father of two boys and the spouse of a teacher, I always get a feeling of excitement and opportunity during the back-to-school season. It also brings nostalgia about my own school experience. It is something of a cliché, but it is often hard to resist comparing today’s educational opportunities to what it was like “when I was in school.”


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