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OSC’s Oakley Cluster, decommissioned in December 2018, had an impressive run at the Center, with over 10 million jobs completed since January 14, 2012. The $4.1 million HP-built, Intel® Xeon® processor-based supercomputer doubled OSC’s computing power at the time, using half as many nodes as the Glenn Cluster.


When Russell M. Pitzer, Ph.D. helped establish the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) in 1987, supercomputers at the time were cooled with a liquid called Fluorinert. As system architecture changed over the years, centers moved to air cooling. But it seems fitting that OSC’s newest Dell EMC-built cluster, deployed just this year and named after Professor Emeritus Pitzer, has returned to this “retro” method of temperature regulation.

So, with technology always vaulting forward, why does it seem that we’re moving backward in this area?

By every measure, 2018 was a remarkable year for economic growth in the Buckeye State. Predictably, many of the Ohio business start-up and expansion stories came from the Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati regions, but smaller urban and rural areas also scored their share of successes.


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