Andrea Carrier

An OARnet business relationship manager is a jack-of-all-trades. Just ask one of the newest members of that team, Andrea Carrier.

In our newest “Meet the Staff” post, Carrier talks about what brought her to OARnet, what her job entails, and what skills make for a good business relationship manager.  We also find out about the sport she excelled in growing up, and how she balances mom life with a full-time job.

I had the privilege of going on a mission trip to Haiti Dec. 4-8 with Food for the Poor. I was stepping outside my comfort zone in so many ways – I was flying for the first time in over 15 years and traveling solo, I was leaving my husband and son to fend for themselves, and I decided to reduce my use of technology. The technology reduction is no small feat, considering it consumes my career as part of the Ohio Technology Consortium’s Shared Infrastructure team.


In recent years, both the public and private sectors have experienced major cybersecurity breaches. The results are staggering: lost money, lost jobs, and lost personal data. The unfortunate fact remains that the number of cyber criminals vastly outweighs the number of qualified cybersecurity professionals. Whether you are going to college for the first time or headed back to school, consider the following three reasons why a cybersecurity career could be right for you. 


When I talk to innovative companies seeking a competitive advantage, I tell them there are a number of reasons for setting up shop in Ohio. I talk about access to a predictable business environment, our skilled workforce, and the scale-up opportunities that JobsOhio and our partners can facilitate for them.

The Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) is the country’s premier P-20 state educational technology conference. This year, OETC takes place Feb. 14-16 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. OETC features intensive pre-conference workshops on Feb. 14, and world-renowned keynote speakers, more than 200 educational sessions, an extensive exhibit hall and interactive experiences such as makerspaces and robotics on Feb. 15-16.


The democratization of Computer Aided Engineering was a hot topic at the recent 2016 NAFEMS meeting in Seattle. And while many approaches to wider access to modeling and simulation are emerging, a clear path hasn't quite been decided upon yet. One thing that is clear is AweSim plans to be part of the solution, here's how: 


We all know it’s not always the case that an event, a movie, even a meal lives up to the preceding hype. The Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC)(link sends e-mail) is one of the rare exceptions. According to its website, OETC is “the premier P-20 state educational technology conference,” and guess what? It actually is.

John Burke

John Burke, library director of the Gardner-Harvey Library at Miami University Middletown, began his career just as online catalogs and periodical databases were becoming widespread and the nascent Internet was gaining interest.

His interest in this technology drew him to the field – as well as led him to help others keep up with the ever-changing field as the author of a technology textbook.

OhioLINK recently talked with Burke about working at a regional campus, changes in technology and their impact on librarianship over the past two decades

Telegram scene from "It's a Wonderful Life"

At this special time of year, many people look forward to spending quality time with their family, friends and other loved ones, sharing family stories, preparing sumptuous meals, exchanging gifts and, in general, following their faith. The technology of communication, it seems, may have impacted these holiday gatherings as much as many other human activities. And, since I am not an engineer or professor, it is not my intention to document the smallest details of the evolution of communication technology, but, rather, to share a few of my personal observations.