Throughout the State of Ohio, students are able to access college courses – and earn credit for them – while still in high school. This recently revamped program, renamed College Credit Plus, is designed to bolster students’ college readiness, lower their cost for higher education and improve their retention and success in college.

The Digital Shift

Ask college librarians how prepared they think incoming freshmen are for college-level work, and their answers are sadly consistent: today’s students aren’t prepared. Bridging that gap is a common interest for OhioLINK, Ohio’s academic library consortium, and INFOhio, Ohio’s PreK-12 digital library. Drawing on their 20-year history of working together–along with public libraries and the State Library of Ohio–to cost-effectively provide research resources to all Ohioans, OhioLINK and INFOhio are now investigating the next step. Using a common tool–EDS–but two different approaches, OhioLINK and INFOhio are transforming research with search and discovery and helping ease the transition to college for Ohio’s students.