In today's summary, read about Chattanooga and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga connecting to GENI, in partnership with US Ignite and the Enterprise Center; Central Michigan University cutting 10 percent of its subscriptions to academic journals and databases; EBSCO acquiring YBP Library Services; the top 6 predictions for HPC this year; an opinion on how supercomputing enables innovation; and an IBM initiative to teach big data and cloud technologies.

The Digital Shift

Ask college librarians how prepared they think incoming freshmen are for college-level work, and their answers are sadly consistent: today’s students aren’t prepared. Bridging that gap is a common interest for OhioLINK, Ohio’s academic library consortium, and INFOhio, Ohio’s PreK-12 digital library. Drawing on their 20-year history of working together–along with public libraries and the State Library of Ohio–to cost-effectively provide research resources to all Ohioans, OhioLINK and INFOhio are now investigating the next step. Using a common tool–EDS–but two different approaches, OhioLINK and INFOhio are transforming research with search and discovery and helping ease the transition to college for Ohio’s students.

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What is a Discovery Layer?

In terms familiar to most users, a discovery layer is a Google-like search across all library resources. In library language, a discovery layer is a searchable meta-index of library resources, usually including article-level metadata, e-book metadata, metadata from library catalogs, open access resource metadata, etc., and it includes a means of retrieving resources in the result set through linking technology.