OSC powers innovation in Ohio

Business Development Manager
Ohio Supercomputer Center/AweSim Modeling & Simulation Program

By every measure, 2018 was a remarkable year for economic growth in the Buckeye State. Predictably, many of the Ohio business start-up and expansion stories came from the Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati regions, but smaller urban and rural areas also scored their share of successes.


OSC and industry leaders meet at the Advanced Computing for Competitiveness Forum

This rising tide of business prosperity in our state is not coincidental. Hundreds of economic development professionals spend thousands of hours each year working hard to ensure that Ohio is among the nation’s leaders in retaining and attracting the companies that power our local economies. The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) is proud to support these efforts by providing access to cutting-edge high performance computing (HPC) resources, an increasingly important service asset to the business and research communities.


No matter what product or service a business offers, IT infrastructure is an important consideration for many of the companies choosing to locate and/or expand their operations in our state. Competing in today’s global market means responding to rapidly changing 21st-century technologies, so it is critical that Ohio businesses are able to leverage sophisticated computational tools to support their efforts. OSC is a unique state asset that can provide companies with integrated HPC hardware, software, and support services for their product design and testing, data analytics and computer-aided engineering tasks.  


The people who are leading the city, county, regional and statewide economic development organizations work tirelessly to attract new industries and help existing enterprises grow. Local chambers of commerce support these efforts and host community events to spread the word about products and services offered by their members. Business incubators offer expert advice and the space needed to help entrepreneurs nurture their ideas and build viable commercial companies. Representatives from the Ohio Supercomputer Center connect with these entities and their clientele through our participation in their informational programs, discussion panels and workshops. OSC also offers our own presentations to these groups as well as one-on-one consultations with companies that have an interest in learning more about high performance computing.

If you are a part of the dynamic economic and business development industry in Ohio, we want you to know about the HPC services available at the Ohio Supercomputer Center. Connect with an OSC associate for a phone conversation or an on-site visit. We’re ready to talk about your organization’s work and how HPC in the cloud services can assist your efforts to bring additional value to the businesses you serve. Ohio companies are pushing innovation and making an impact around the world, and OSC is here to help!