An introduction to HPC University

Education and Training Specialist
Ohio Supercomputer Center
Monday, May 21, 2018 - 9:47am

If you’re a member of the HPC community, I’m sure you already have your favorite websites for breaking news or job openings or training information from specific organizations with which you are familiar. But what you might not know is that there is one virtual organization that collects information from a vast array of HPC communities, reviews it, and offers it up to everyone. It’s called HPC University.

HPC University is an initiative of XSEDE. It aims to provide its virtual organization with a “cohesive, persistent, and sustainable environment to share educational and training materials.” Essentially, it’s a repository for current events and issues, workshops being offered, new jobs, training materials, or whatever the HPC community may find helpful and interesting.

For instance, there are plenty of training materials on there. Meaning, if you’re so inclined, you can look up a parallel programming language and see everything that’s been folded in from other sites. 

National labs, educators, students, and people from all walks of HPC life post a variety of amazing information to share with the community. Following a review process, contributors can post reviews on materials and users can easily search what’s on the site. It’s essentially all in an effort to make sure HPC University contains good, quality information. 

But what all can you find? Categorized sections include News, Careers, Educators, Resources, Students, and Computational Science. 


News: This page pulls in everything HPC related from sites such as PC World,, Inside HPC, HPC Wire, etc. It contains all the top news and feature stories our audience may be interested in reading on a given day. 


Careers: The careers page is a great resource because it posts university and organizational job openings from around the country and the world. For anyone seeking a career change, a post-doc position, or even advancement, the latest HPC job postings are here for 30 days from the time they’re made public. 


Educators: This section allows educators to find information on awards and the development of curricula for computational science courses, and gives links to many resources for educational materials. 


Students: Undergrads and graduate students can check out everything from awards and competitions to undergraduate and graduate programs, internships, fellowships, and challenges. The challenges page is a way to help students prepare for such competitions as hackathons. 


Resources: Educators and students can find an incredible amount of resources for research in this section. Those visiting this page can search through HPCU resources and the Computational Science Education Reference Desk, which adds up to databases with over 2,000 submissions. 


Events: The events page is a giant calendar with lists and links to workshops, meetings, symposiums, and conferences all over the nation. 


HPC University has a variety of new and useful information within each of these categories. It not only helps the computational science community with regard to educational information, but also tries to maintain training and career information that you may find helpful once you’ve already received all your university needs. 

Also, HPCU actively wants participation from its community to gain more development materials and opportunities, to promote peer-reviewed HPC resources, to develop new content, to give broader access to a bigger and more diverse community, and to pursue activities our community may find interesting and important in their development. 

All of this information, both from and for our users, adds up to a larger, highly skilled, and connected HPC community.