A cost-effective alternative to in-house modeling and simulation

Business Development Manager
Ohio Supercomputer Center/AweSim Modeling & Simulation Program
Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - 8:21am

OK, so your company is already using modeling and simulation (M&S) to accelerate product design cycles and to predict product performance. So why spend the next five minutes reading this material? 

The fact is, engineers who work with common computer-aided engineering (CAE) software on desktop computers or local IT assets are still limited in the M&S functions they can perform. As the latest software solvers deliver simulations that are more realistic and complex, they require more computing power to run efficiently and to effectively deliver high-resolution results.

Purchasing more computer hardware and the expertise required to build and maintain these systems is one way to approach the issue. However, the more cost-effective solution to this innovation bottleneck may be as simple as gaining access to high performance computing (HPC) resources through the cloud.     

What exactly does this mean for your business? 

By opening an account through the Ohio Supercomputer Center’s (OSC) AweSim Modeling & Simulation industrial engagement program, your designers and engineers could have access to one of the most powerful HPC platforms in the world. They would be able to sign in to their account, establish a secure connection with one of our three HPC systems, and use OSC resources to maximize their M&S efforts.

The account can be accessed anytime, day or night, and the pay-as-you-go fee schedule allows your design professionals to utilize their existing commercial packages or the open-source software installed on our system and scale up their work as they see fit. Now there is no need for important engineering projects to wait for the in-house availability of computer hardware; you can access all the power you need, when you need it, through your account at OSC!

How is AweSim different from other HPC cloud services?

The AweSim M&S Program is much more than just an account number and some computer time; it is a group of dedicated HPC hardware and software professionals, M&S client partners and manufacturing application experts. Our team works with your team to get you up and running with your simulation-driven designs, and to help guide you through to completed projects.

The AweSim M&S engineering service providers are experts in computational fluid dynamics, multi-physics, structural mechanics, welding and fabrication, and much more. We gather the right people from the AweSim team to meet with your designers and to determine the best way we can be of assistance, from a little help getting started with M&S on HPC all the way to a finished simulation or a customized manufacturing app.

And if you are already an HPC power user, just log in to your account and virtually design and test your products on our optimized platform. We’ll stay out of your way, but you can be assured you have advanced technical support if you ever require it.

AweSim tools and expertise can simplify and boost your current modeling and simulation efforts, and help your workflow make better use of sophisticated HPC-in-the-cloud computational power.

By using this emerging technology, businesses like yours can increase product speed-to-market, reduce physical prototyping costs and improve your competitive position. You have already invested in some sophisticated CAE assets, and the AweSim M&S Program can help you leverage them to push your innovation to the next level!