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Poster and flash-talk competitions, keynote address highlight bi-annual event

In a week marked by a 30-year milestone, researchers who are breaking new ground came face to face Thursday with the computational experts helping them explore uncharted territory.

A day after the Ohio Supercomputer Center celebrated its 30th anniversary jointly with the Ohio Academic Recources Network (OARnet), the Center held its Statewide Users Group (SUG) Autumn Conference. SUG is a volunteer group... Read more

Open OnDemand project aims to eliminate a barrier to supercomputer useColumbus, Ohio (Sep 5, 2017) — 

An innovative web-based portal for accessing high performance computing services has matured beyond the beta phase and now is available to HPC centers worldwide.

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) has launched Open OnDemand 1.0, an open-source version of... Read more

OhioLINK resources help OWU student research dementiaAmanda Barry, B.A. Ohio Wesleyan University 

Amanda Barry traveled half a world away for a different view of mental illness.

The recent graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University used an OWU Theory-To-Practice grant to travel to Arusha, Tanzania in January to study memory impairment and attitudes toward those affected by dementia in rural Africa.  

The idea came not only from her interest in pursuing a clinical career in dementia... Read more

OSC helping Nahar share computational knowledge in Columbus, around the world

Columbus, Ohio (Aug. 24, 2017) – Sultana Nahar, Ph.D. wants more scientific advances and discoveries, and she wants them now.

Her strategy? Teaching research-based courses.

Supercomputing services through the Ohio Supercomputer Center help Sultana Nahar, Ph.D. conduct computational workshops as part of her lecture courses.

Through physics and STEM courses and workshops, Nahar has been... Read more

D.K. Panda research group maintains popular HPC communications library

Columbus, Ohio (Aug. 14, 2017) – A broad array of system administrators, developers, researchers and students who share an interest in the MVAPICH open-source library for high performance computing will gather at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) Aug. 14-16 for the fifth meeting of the MVAPICH Users Group (MUG).

The... Read more

COLUMBUS, Ohio— The Ohio Supercomputer Center played a critical role in helping researchers reach a milestone mapping the growth of the universe from its infancy to present day.

The new results released Aug. 3 confirm the surprisingly simple but puzzling theory that the present universe is composed of only 4 percent ordinary matter, 26 percent mysterious dark matter, and the remaining 70 percent in the form of mysterious dark energy, which causes... Read more

Berenice Watts found eTutoring especially helpful for writing assignments at MTC. 

Most would agree that having a second set of eyes review a paper or article is a useful, and crucial, step in the writing process. Taking a different view, especially one sharpened by more experience, others can find mistakes we missed, correct awkward phrases and make suggestions for clarity. Imagine how much more essential this process becomes when the paper you’ve written was not in your native tongue.... Read more

Mimi Lamantia earned a Pelotonia Fellowship for her work using dance as cancer rehabilitation therapy.

Most stories of cancer survivorship include the date of the patient’s final chemotherapy treatment. This seems like the finish line – the last hurdle to clear before getting back to regular life. But to kill off cancer cells, the patient essentially endures internal chemical warfare.

Though chemotherapy and radiation rid the patient of cancer, they can leave the body reeling from... Read more

Nichole Collier, Systems Librarian, is the most recent addition to the OhioLINK team. Nichole received her degree from Ohio State, and her Masters of Library Information Sciences from Kent State. Before joining OhioLINK, Nichole worked for the Ohio State University libraries.

OhioLINK recently spoke with Nichole about her professional responsibilities as well as her favorite books, her many hobbies and how she enjoys spending her free time.

Where did you grow up?... Read more

After a competitive application and review process, OhioLINK is pleased to announce the grant recipients of OhioLINK’s first research awards. The two grant recipient groups are Wright State University’s Shu Schiller, Ph.D., and Bowling Green State University’s Andrea Boehme and Katie Mihaly.

The OhioLINK research awards support research projects by members to answer questions or investigate topics of direct interest to OhioLINK and its members. 

“I am extremely excited and... Read more