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Program analyzes digital data from criminal investigations to combat drug trafficking in OhioCOLUMBUS , Ohio (Oct 20, 2022) — 

The State of Ohio established two new Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center (ONIC) offices in Toledo and Cincinnati this year to expand the use of computer forensics to combat drug trafficking. The Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) worked with the sites to support the bandwidth needed for law enforcement to... Read more

Transition to new broadcasting facility called for collaboration among engineering and technology teamsCOLUMBUS, Ohio (Sep 21, 2022) — 

When the viewers and listeners of WOSU Public Media’s television and radio programs tuned in over the last year, they would have been unaware of the massive technical changes happening behind the scenes at the Columbus broadcasting operation.

Working collaboratively... Read more

Staff played key role in organizing PEARC meeting on research computing topicsCOLUMBUS, Ohio (Sep 21, 2022) — 

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) leadership and staff have played a significant role in the national Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC) Conference Series, the latest in a series of conferences beginning in 2006 to address the changing needs of the advanced... Read more

Consortium policy teams will contribute annual objectives Sep 8, 2022

OhioLINK has completed a strategic planning process that will guide the statewide academic library consortium’s work with members through the next three to five years. The Strategic Framework, based on feedback gathered from OhioLINK members, positions the organization to support its 117 member libraries as they navigate the changing post-pandemic... Read more

Discussion focuses on high performance computing library developed by Ohio State’s “DK” Panda COLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug 18, 2022) — 

A broad array of researchers, developers, system administrators and students who share an interest in the MVAPICH open-source library for high performance computing will gather at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) Monday, Aug. 22... Read more

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Sep 6, 2022) — 

I am pleased to share with you OARnet’s annual report for the 2021-22 fiscal year. As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, we are excited about the progress we have made as an organization over the last year and about the major initiatives that lie ahead.

... Read more

OSC program highlights educational opportunities and career paths in STEMCOLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug 16, 2022) — 

Since 1989, SI has provided students with experiences in a variety of science disciplines, helping inform their education and career choices, said Alan Chalker, director of strategic programs at OSC.

SI appealed to Howard for multiple reasons. It was close to her home in Columbus, it had good reviews on the internet, and she... Read more

National Science Foundation funds two-year pilot program to boost knowledge of new technologies COLUMBUS, Ohio (Aug 10, 2022) — 

With funding from the National Science Foundation, the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) has developed a series of workshops to help cyberinfrastructure professionals gain expertise in burgeoning artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

More researchers are relying on AI tools such as machine learning... Read more

Students learn computer science, programming and teamwork while getting a glimpse into college life COLUMBUS , Ohio (Aug 3, 2022) — 

Fifteen high school students participated in the Ohio Supercomputer Center’s (OSC) two-week Summer Institute (SI), which was held in person for the first time since 2019.

SI provides students with experiences in a variety of science disciplines that may... Read more

An approach to OhioLINK history through milestones and their effectsJul 13, 2022

Abstract: OhioLINK, one of the leading academic library consortia in the US, marks its 30th anniversary in 2022. This paper, the second of two parts, reviews the organization’s history through selected formative milestones and provides observations about the evolution of the consortium from its current executive director, revealing the importance of expanding cost-effective and easy access to scholarly resources... Read more