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University of Dayton students utilize OSC in the classroomCOLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov 18, 2021) — Students in a class at the University of Dayton are given the chance to gain hands-on supercomputing experience. 

Although many college students have access to a personal computer for their studies, it can be challenging for them to learn about how modern, complex computing systems are used in the science, engineering and technology fields without... Read more

New drug development expedited with help of OSC COLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov 10, 2021) — 

Xia Ning has a large portfolio of research projects at The Ohio State University that focus on understanding how artificial intelligence can be used to solve issues in health care. 

Discovering new drugs to treat disease is one of Ning’s goals. Traditional research methods, which call for lengthy trials with animal models, have disadvantages. 

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Nov 15, 2021


A new agreement between DOAJ and OhioLINK paves the way for the sustainability of vital open access library infrastructure, key to the future of science and research. DOAJ curates and indexes over 17,000 peer-reviewed, open access journals from around the world in a free and independent database.

The partnership renews a long-standing alliance between Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and OhioLINK, making it easier for OhioLINK consortium members to... Read more

Examining ecological networks' stability with OSC resources COLUMBUS, Ohio (Nov 3, 2021) — 

With a focus on plant and pollinator species, Colin Campbell, associate professor of physics at the University of Mount Union, studies how these groups interact with one another. Some interactions are mutualistic, where both species benefit, but other interactions are only beneficial for one species. The net effect of many interactions can... Read more

OSC resources aid in Xavier University plant communication researchCOLUMBUS, Ohio (Oct 29, 2021) — 

Scientists know that plants emit chemicals into the soil to communicate information to other plants. These chemical messages, sent through fungal networks, may warn plants to defend against threats in their environment or to stop encroaching on another plant’s space. 

Scientists such as Jonathan Morris and Kathryn Morris of Xavier... Read more

New initiative will increase public accessibility to motor vehicle services COLUMBUS, Ohio (Oct 27, 2021) — 

In an effort to make its services easier to access, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) recently announced the launch of nine self-service kiosks at deputy registrar and retail locations around the state. These kiosks, currently in a pilot phase, will allow Ohio drivers to renew their vehicle registration and print out their new... Read more

Yazbeck, Lazar and Singh win fall 2021 flash talk and poster competition COLUMBUS, Ohio (Oct 21, 2021) — 

The Ohio Supercomputer Center’s (OSC) Statewide Users Group (SUG) Conference on Thursday, Oct. 7, brought researchers from around the state together virtually. Through Zoom, attendees learned about OSC’s latest services and resources and heard flash talks about research that utilizes the Center’s high performance computing (HPC)... Read more

New collection will strengthen engagement with under-represented communities and provide scholarly materials to support curriculum and research Oct 6, 2021

OhioLINK announces the State Library of Ohio has awarded American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) for the purchase of a collection of unlimited- and perpetual-access Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) e-books. OhioLINK’s central coordination of the selection and... Read more

Facing a growing need for secured education cyberinfrastructure, OARnet and partners will develop the Virtual Research-Education Ohio (VROhio) programCOLUMBUS, Ohio (Oct 4, 2021) — 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded OARnet a planning grant to develop a network of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) training and research resources for smaller higher education institutions in the state of Ohio.

In... Read more

Aug 17, 2021

Can I borrow printed materials for fall semester?

Yes, but print delivery will not be normal this fall term. Everyone should plan for longer delivery times. If you have hard deadlines that require the use of specific course or research materials, please contact your local institution's librarians to request their assistance in finding alternate sources for your needed materials.

When will things be back to normal?

We cannot tell you when... Read more