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Geremia uses OhioLINK to gather over 200 articles for master’s thesis at Wright State

As a voracious consumer of research publications for her master’s thesis, it is Kara Geremia’s dream that her own published research will become part of OhioLINK’s Central Catalog, listed among the hundreds of academic literature pieces that she referenced in her thesis work.

Geremia recently completed her master’s degree in computational chemistry from Wright State University. Geremia describes... Read more

OhioLINK has been approved for membership in the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) by the Digital Library Federation Coordinating Committee.Columbus, Ohio (Jun 3, 2016) — 


OhioLINK has been approved for membership in the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) by the Digital Library Federation Coordinating Committee. Being part of the NDSA is one of many components of OhioLINK’s new Digital... Read more

Ferguson said that one of his key research tools is OhioLINK because it allows him to keep up-to-date, even on a daily basis, of the research going on in microbiology.

Through his research on anaerobic organisms that grow in the human intestine, Miami University Associate Professor of Microbiology Dr. D.J. Ferguson is working toward a cure for heart disease. Ferguson’s widely published research explores how these organisms break down common compounds during the digestive process. Some of the... Read more

Gravity pulls everything together, right? We grow up learning and understanding this basic scientific rule.

But if that’s so, why is the expansion of the universe speeding up instead of slowing down? 

David Weinberg, Ph.D.

“It’s like throwing your car keys in the air and having them accelerate upwards and disappear from sight,” said David Weinberg, Ph.D., chair... Read more

eStudent Services moves operations into the OH-TECH building with consortium members

Columbus, Ohio (May 16, 2016) — eStudent Services, a division of the Ohio Technology Consortium (OH-TECH) that provides innovative online support services for all students, has moved its operations into the OH-TECH building at 1224 Kinnear Road as of January 2016. eStudent Services joins the Ohio Supercomputer Center, OARnet and OhioLINK at the building, rounding out the consortium members of OH-TECH, a... Read more

Judith recently talked with OhioLINK about how library services have changed over the years, her accomplishment of teaching a workshop at the Library of Congress and her addiction to Candy Crush.Judith Cobb, OhioLINK’s digital curation coordinator, is the newest member to join the team. A librarian at heart, Cobb has spent many years working in library services. Prior to joining OhioLINK, Cobb spent over a decade at the Online Computer Library Center Inc., most recently as a product manager... Read more
Jason Belitsky, a professor of chemistry, shares the value of OhioLINK for resources and research with his students.

As a small institution, Oberlin College has much to gain from sharing. Jason Belitsky, professor of chemistry, knows this well, as he has shared both resources and research with his students. Belitsky imparts on his students the value of OhioLINK for journal articles and books. He assigns students an area to look up and guides them through using OhioLINK to find articles... Read more

Boyd, Wilson discuss Ohio’s eTutoring collaborative efforts at ACTLA

Columbus, Ohio – Representatives from eStudent Services will attend the Association of Colleges for Tutoring and Learning Assistance’s (ACTLA) 42nd annual convention April 20-23.

Karen Boyd, assistant director of the eTutoring Collaborative, and Mitch Wilson, program coordinator, have been invited to present their perspectives on the success of the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative. eStudent Services is a member-... Read more

Iconic sprinter known as Olympic champion, beacon for equality, youth advocateColumbus, Ohio (Apr 21, 2016) — 

Having set collegiate athletics afire a year earlier with four world records set or tied in a single day, Jesse Owens sprinted to four gold medals and two Olympic records at the 1936 Berlin Games and refuted the Nazi notion of Aryan racial superiority.

Jesse Owens leaps out of the starting blocks to start the 200 meter dash... Read more
Team to modernize solid modeling code for energy sector applications

Columbus, Ohio (April 13, 2016) – A research team of high performance computer experts is beginning the task of modernizing a computer software package that leverages large-scale, 3-D modeling to research fatigue and fracture analyses, primarily in metals.

The research is a result of the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) being selected as an... Read more