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Prasad Calyam, Dima Krymskiy, Mukundan Sridharan, Paul Schopis, "TBI: End-to-End Network Performance Measurement Testbed for Empirical-bottleneck Detection", IEEE TRIDENTCOM, 2005. [pdf]

  • P. Calyam, W. Mandrawa, M. Sridharan, A. Khan, P. Schopis, "H.323 Beacon: An H.323 application related end-to-end performance troubleshooting tool", Proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM Network... Read more

OARtech provides a forum for technology staff from OARnet's member institutions to exchange ideas and share best practices. Attendees also provide OARnet with advice and suggestions on technical issues germane to the organization. OARtech holds bimonthly meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at OARnet as well as other higher education institutions across the state. At each meeting, OARnet engineering and client services representatives share highlights. A guest speaker also presents... Read more

OARnet & VMware Technology Event - Sept. 28 2011

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