Ray Leto

President, TotalSim LLC

Ray Leto earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 1985 and began his career by working his way up through the motorsports ranks as a mechanic and engineer. Leto worked within racing organizations in many roles, including aerodynamicist, chief race engineer, technical director, team manager and general manager.

While in motorsports, Leto was able to leverage the fast-paced environment to push for the development and integration of simulation as an aid to decision making. This included the use of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to enhance and correlate physical wind tunnel and track testing results. His team of engineers developed and helped pioneer advanced multi‐body, quasi-static and dynamic Lap Time and Chassis Simulations.

Today, Leto brings his 25 years of high-pressure racing experience to the role of president at TotalSim LLC, where he is focused on bringing these rapid design and development methodologies and the efficient use of simulation to a broad array of engineering disciplines. At TotalSim, Leto performs many roles, including running the business, managing the companies HPC compute clusters and software installation, and solving problems in CFD, wind tunnel or track testing environments.

Leto is a member and session chairman of SAE International’s Motorsports Engineering Committee, as well as a peer reviewer of papers published for SEA World Congress.

Leto is a friend of the consortium and a guest contributor to the OH-TECH blog.

555 Metro Place N, Suite 175, Dublin, Ohio 43017
(714) 255-7426