Research group joins Intel’s Parallel Computing Centers program

Apr 14, 2016

Columbus, Ohio (April 14, 2016) – A research team of high performance computer experts is beginning the task of modernizing a computer software package that leverages large-scale, 3-D modeling to research fatigue and fracture analyses, primarily in metals.

The research is a result of the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) being selected as an Intel® Parallel Computing Center (Intel® PCC). The Intel® PCC program provides funding to universities, institutions and research labs to modernize key community codes used across a wide range of disciplines to run on current state-of-the-art parallel architectures. The primary focus is to modernize applications to increase parallelism and scalability through optimizations that leverage cores, caches, threads and vector capabilities of microprocessors and coprocessors.

The code modernization project will be a collaborative effort of principal investigator Karen Tomko, Ph.D., interim director of research and science applications group manager at OSC; code developer/co-principal investigator Robert Dodds, Ph.D.,professor emeritus at the University of Illinois/Urbana; and co-principal investigator Kevin Manalo, Ph.D., senior engineer at OSC. Be sure to read the full story