Ohio Supercomputer Center runs largest scale calculation ever

COLUMBUS, Ohio (Jun 6, 2017) — 

The Ohio Supercomputer Center recently displayed the power of its new Owens Cluster by running the single-largest scale calculation in the Center’s history.

Scientel IT Corp used 16,800 cores of the Owens Cluster on May 24 to test database software optimized to run on supercomputer systems. The seamless run created 1.25 Terabytes of synthetic data. For the full story, please see OSC's website.

The Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC), a member of the Ohio Technology Consortium of the Ohio Department of Higher Education, addresses the expanding computational demands of academic and industrial research communities by providing a robust shared infrastructure and proven expertise in advanced modeling, simulation and analysis. OSC empowers researchers with the vital services essential to make extraordinary discoveries and innovations, partners with businesses and industry to leverage computational science as a competitive force in the global knowledge economy, and leads efforts to equip the workforce with the key technology skills required to secure 21st century jobs. For more, visit www.osc.edu.

Scientel IT Corp., has been in the systems design/development business since 1977, supporting U.S. & International operations, plus Asian-sphere software development capabilities. Scientel's expertise is NoSQL DB design. Scientel also designs/produces highly optimized high end servers, which can be bundled with its "Gensonix ENTERPRISE" DB software, as a single-source supplier of complete systems for Big Data environments. Scientel can also customize hardware/software for specific needs, resulting in extremely higher performance. For more, visit www.scientel.com.

Contact Information: 

Norman Kutemperor, CEO
Scientel IT Corp.
Office: 248-433-4700
Email: norm@scientel.com