Directors of OSC and OARnet

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A number of people with varied talents and personalities have led OSC and OARnet over the past 25 years, keeping the organizations on the cutting-edge of statwide technology platforms.


The Ohio Supercomputer Center

William McCurdy, Ph.D., OSP/OSC Acting Director, 1986-87

Charles Bender, Ph.D., OSC Executive Director, 1987-2002

Alvin Stutz, OSC Acting Director, 2001

Russell Pitzer, Ph.D., OSC Interim Director, 2001-2003

Stanley Ahalt, Ph.D., OSC Executive Director, 2003-09

Ashok Krishnamurthy, Ph.D., OSC Interim Co-executive Director, 2009-12

Steven Gordon, Ph.D., OSC Interim Co-executive Director, 2009-12

Pankaj Shah, OSC Executive Director, 2012-


The Ohio Academic Resources Network

Russell Pitzer, Ph.D., OARnet Director, 1987-88

Alison Brown, Ph.D., OARnet Director, 1988-94

John Ritter, J.D., OARnet Acting Director, 1995

Larry Buell, OARnet Acting Director, 1996-97

Douglas Gale, Ph.D., OARnet Director, 1998-2002

Alvin Stutz, OARnet Director, 2002-05

Pankaj Shah, OARnet Executive Director 2005-

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